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Drug charges filed against prisoners

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

There are 20 people in Texas jail cells who are now facing new charges in connection with a recent task force investigation. There were drug charges filed against 40 people, with the 20 mentioned being among them. Police say that they also made 15 arrests in conjunction with their recent drug task force operations. They also say that they are still searching for five people who are now considered fugitives from justice.  

Operation Taste the Rainbow 

Investigators claim that the defendants had been involved in drug crimes that included trafficking methamphetamine pills in an array of different colors. This was the reason they named their task force “Operation Taste the Rainbow.” Police also say that many of the people whom they recently arrested are also facing criminal charges for violation of firearms laws.  

Many of the defendants have criminal records 

Besides the fact that 20 of the defendants are currently serving time in prison in unrelated cases, most of the defendants now facing federal charges in “Operation Taste the Rainbow” have faced other criminal charges in the past. Charges in those cases included issues such as assault, robbery, fraud and murder. Law enforcement officials have asked the public to call a specific number if they have information regarding the whereabouts of the five defendants who remain at large in the Operation Taste the Rainbow investigation.  

Each of the 40 defendants may refute the charges against them 

As in every Texas criminal case, each of the people facing drug charges in light of the recent task force investigation is guaranteed an opportunity to refute said charges in court. While multiple people might face charges in connection with the same investigation, it does not mean that each case will have the same outcome in court. Each person is entitled to present a defense, which is why most defendants request legal representation soon after their arrest.