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A child custody problem for Seal and Heidi Klum

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Child Custody & Support |

Pop music star Seal and supermodel Heidi Klum were married for nine years. They ultimately decided to file for a divorce. They also worked out a shared child custody agreement for their children, three of whom Klum and Seal share together and one from a previous relationship of Klum’s. Texas parents who are considering seeking modification of a custody order may want to follow this case.

Disputes can still arise after a child custody agreement is signed

Seal and Klum initially agreed to share custody of their kids. In most cases, the court believes this is best for children, unless there is evidence that a parent’s presence is somehow a detriment to a child’s well-being. Everything appeared to be working out well for Seal and his ex, until Klum decided that she wanted to take her children to Germany to live with her while she was filming a TV series. Seal adamantly objected the idea.

Klum says she has always spent more time with her kids than her ex does

When making child custody decisions, a family court judge considers numerous factors, including which parent spent the most time with the kids on average during the marriage. In this case, Klum says it has always been her who spends the most time with the kids; in fact, she says, their father’s active presence in their lives can be described as “sporadic” at best. When a pair of parents cannot come to an agreement regarding child custody, it is left to the court to make decisions on their behalf.

Other celebrities who have encountered child custody challenges

Sometimes, the court makes a child custody decision that results in one parent only having custody while the other has visitation privileges. This is what happened in when Britney Spears and Kevin Federline divorced. No matter what type of custody issue arises, a Texas parent who is unsure what the best course of action might be to resolve the issue can seek consultation with an experienced family law attorney who can then review the case and make recommendations.