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CPR for child after Texas bus accident

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

A CapMetro bus and motor vehicle collided on a recent Sunday in Austin. The Texas collision occurred at a section of roadway that was controlled by traffic lights. A representative from the bus company stated that the passengers and bus operator were left unscathed in the crash. However, there were eight people in the other vehicle who suffered injuries.  

Several people were reportedly unconscious when rescuers arrived at the scene. A child needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In fact, several children were transported to a children’s medical center with life-threatening injuries.  

Some adults were also transported to a hospital for emergency care 

One of the people involved in the collision is said to have declined medical transport. Several adults required medical care and were listed in possible life-threatening conditions. The bus company representative said that the hearts of all company workers go out to those who have been adversely affected by this ordeal.  

Bus collision investigations often rely on vehicle cam footage 

Investigators often review dashboard cam footage that is present in many commercial vehicles when they are looking for clues to determine who or what may have caused a particular collision. In this case, the Texas bus company representative who spoke said the film footage was reviewed, and it appears to show the other vehicle failing to stop at a red light, moments before the crash. If a passenger in a vehicle survives a collision but suffers injuries, he or she may seek restitution if driver negligence was a causal factor in the incident. Such litigation is stressful, which is why most plaintiffs ask experienced attorneys to handle the legal proceedings for them.