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Texas police take 4 into custody, charge 2

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Texas police recently showed up at a home in Dallas with a warrant to search the premises. If police show a validly authorized search warrant, a homeowner is obligated to allow them to enter the home and conduct a search. In this case, the search resulted in four people being taken into police custody, one of whom was a minor.

It is not uncommon for police to make an arrest and then later release the same person, once they have determined that he or she is no longer suspected of committing a crime. In this case, police took four people into their custody. They later released two of them, and the other two are now facing serious drug charges.

Police claim to have seized millions of dollars’ worth of illegal drugs

Police confiscated numerous items from the Dallas, Texas, home during their search. Investigators say that one of the items that was seized is a vehicle that had allegedly been stolen. They also took three firearms into police custody. In addition to these items, police claim to have seized methamphetamine and marijuana with a combined street value of approximately $10 million.

This is why strong criminal defense support is so important

Facing drug charges in Texas can be a frightening experience, especially for someone who has never navigated the criminal justice system. A defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense but may be unsure what type of plea to enter or which defense strategy might best fit a specific situation. An experienced criminal law attorney can provide guidance and insight that may help a defendant obtain as positive an outcome as possible.