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Texas summers spur increase in drunk driving

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Even the most cautious and alert drivers in Texas are at risk for collision and injuries if there is a drunk driver nearby. This time of year typically includes an increase in the number of intoxicated drivers on the road. In fact, at least 28% of all alcohol-related vehicular fatalities occur during summer.

While there is never a season where there are zero drunk drivers on Texas roadways, during summer months, there are typically hundreds more fatalities in motor vehicle collisions involving alcohol as a causal factor than there are at other times of year. Holidays also create travel problems because there tends to be more drunk drivers on the road at such times. Motorists will want to keep this in mind as summer winds down and Labor Day approaches in early September.

Some days of the week are more dangerous than others

Statistics show that there are fewer drunk drivers on the road on Tuesdays than other days of the week. The two most dangerous days for motor vehicle travel, with regard to possible drunk driving accidents, are Saturdays and Sundays. Perhaps this is because many people have free time on those two days and are more likely to imbibe alcohol.

When a drunk driver causes a Texas collision, who pays the medical bills?

There may be little to no time to avert disaster when a drunk driver veers out of his lane or fails to stop at a red light or is otherwise reckless or negligent at the wheel. If a collision occurs and a person suffers injuries, he or she is able to seek restitution in court against the motorist who was deemed responsible for the accident. In many cases, a drunk driver winds up facing criminal charges, as well. If that happens, a plaintiff who has filed a personal injury claim may inform the court that the defendant was arrested and charged with a crime.