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Avoid personal injury in a Texas parking garage

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Uncategorized |

Finding on-street parking can be challenging in busy Texas cities. Off-street parking can be a beneficial convenience but can also pose a significant safety risk. There are several things to keep in mind when using a Texas parking garage to reduce the risk of personal injury, either from tripping and falling or a predator’s attack.  

If a personal injury occurs in a Texas parking garage, the owner of the property might be responsible. When an assault has taken place, a recovering victim may seek restitution for damages by filing a personal injury or premises liability claim in civil court. The more alert and proactive an individual is while navigating a parking garage, the greater chance he or she has of arriving safely at his or her destination.  

Avoid the parking spots far from exits or elevators to reduce personal injury risk 

Reduce the risk of personal injury by parking near exits, elevators or the main entrance to the building. When a person can position his or her vehicle near one of these locations, it means that there is a greater chance of escape if a predator tries to attack. Also, the less distance a parking guest must walk, the less chance there is of tripping on cracks in the cement or falling on a slippery surface. 

Act with confidence to ward off predators 

When exiting a vehicle in a Texas parking garage, an individual will want to act purposefully and with confidence. Stumbling with keys to lock a door or looking around in a confused state sends a signal of vulnerability to a predator who might be lurking in the shadows. Keeping the head up, looking alert and aware of surroundings and walking briskly to the nearest exit gives someone with ill intentions less time to act. If personal injury occurs due to assault or from a collision or other parking garage accident, a recovering victim may seek legal guidance to learn how to seek compensation for damages.