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Texas residents can seek restitution for personal injury

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How many times per month do you purchase and use manufactured products in your Texas home? How many times per week do you get behind the wheel of a car to drive? Throughout an average year, how many times do you undergo a medical procedure? In each of these situations, it is possible that another person’s negligence might cause you to suffer injury.  

When negligence results in damages to you or your loved one, there may be grounds for seeking restitution in civil court. In such cases, as a plaintiff in a personal injury claim, you would have the burden of proving several things. For instance, you must prove that the defendant named in your claim owed a duty of care to you or the immediate family member on whose behalf you might be acting in court.  

Additional issues that must be proven in a personal injury claim 

Besides demonstrating that the defendant in your claim owed a duty, you must also prove that he or she (or they) were negligent in that duty and that this negligence was the proximate cause of the injuries that occurred. For instance, if a manufacturer was aware that a product was defective but made it available to consumers anyway, the court might find the company liable for damages that occurred by the use of the product. If a motorist runs a red light and hits you, resulting in injury, the court might award compensation for damages if you file an injury claim. If a medical professional provides substandard care that results in injuries to you or your family member, this, too, would be grounds for filing an injury claim.  

Why it is best to seek legal support for injury claims 

If you go to court to seek financial recovery for losses because another person’s negligence resulted in injury, the entire incident is going to be addressed in great detail in the courtroom. Such issues can be stressful for recovering victims. If you are filing a claim in Texas, you may seek guidance and support by scheduling a meeting with Vela & Fierro, attorneys who are experienced in personal injury litigation, which may help alleviate stress and increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.