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Texas man facing “deadly conduct” criminal charges

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Texas law states that a person engages in “deadly conduct” when he or she uses a weapon in a reckless, threatening or dangerous way. This is not exclusive to the use of firearms, although they are most often associated with these types of criminal charges. In fact, a man is currently facing such charges following an incident where gunshots were fired into a vehicle that was carrying a group of cheerleaders on their way home from practice.  

Preliminary investigations revealed that the girls had been at a local gym, where they often trained and worked out. They had arrived at a parking lot in the same vehicle, at which time one of the girls exited to enter her own car so that she could drive the rest of the way home. The girl reportedly entered the wrong vehicle and quickly got back out and into her friend’s car.  

The incident quickly escalated, leading to criminal charges 

Investigators claim that a 25-year-old man was in the passenger seat of the vehicle the girl has mistakenly entered. He is accused of exiting the vehicle and firing gunshots into the car that was carrying the cheerleaders. Two of the girls were hit and were transported to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.  

The man in question will now be facing “deadly conduct” charges in a Texas criminal court. The types of charges often result in the person accused claiming some form of self-defense. In all cases, a defendant is presumed innocent, unless and until prosecutors can prove the formal charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. When personal freedom is at stake, it is best to secure criminal defense support as soon as possible after an arrest has taken place.