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Texas universities offering programs to deter DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Many Texas college students are celebrating spring break this week. Some of them, unfortunately, might wind up in an ambulance or the back of a police car before returning to school. Spring break parties sometimes get out of hand; those who don’t want to suffer injuries or face DUI charges may want to get on board with several anti-drunk driving programs being implemented at various universities throughout the state.  

Texas A&M, for example, has instituted a program called “U in the Driver Seat.” Students who participate in the program make a pledge to only drive when they are sober. The Texas Department of Transportation is partnering with the university to promote the program. 

Data shows 2021 fatalities were high because of DUI-related collisions 

More than 30 people died in 2021 in car accidents where DUI was a key factor. A rising death toll inspired numerous schools and TxDOT to up their efforts to deter drunk driving among college students in Texas. Not only is an accident a risk for those who drink alcohol and then drive, but a DUI arrest can also have negative implications on an academic or sports scholarship.  

There is a lot at stake when a Texas college student faces DUI charges. It can ruin a person’s reputation, and it may also have a negative impact on current or future employment opportunities. Those who develop a drinking habit often struggle to maintain the standards that a rigorous academic program requires. Help is available for students struggling with substance abuse, and support is available for those facing legal problems in connection with a drunk driving arrest.