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Is your child custody plan summer-proofed?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Child Custody & Support |

Texas parents who file for divorce understand that the decision disrupts their children’s lives. But children are naturally adaptable and resilient, and many kids can move on in life and flourish after their parents’ divorce. Executing a solid child custody plan is a key factor to minimizing post-divorce stress.

The terms of a child custody order may be especially relevant during summer months. If the terms of a parenting plan are ambiguous or vague, legal problems may arise during the summer months. Keeping several things in mind can help avoid such issues.

Include terms for vacations and travel

When all family members are living under the same roof, taking a vacation simply means deciding where to go, packing your bags and heading out together. But vacations and traveling can be complicated after a divorce. It helps to avoid parenting plan disputes. Writing out detailed terms, including a time frame for informing a co-parent of plans to travel (with or without the kids, as “without” might necessitate finding a babysitter).

Don’t forget to discuss summer holidays, special events and extracurricular activities, such as day camps or sleep-away camps. Determine where the kids will spend each holiday and who will finance expenses for summer activities. It’s not uncommon for parents to disagree about child custody issues, but if a legal problem arises during summer, it’s best to have an experienced attorney on hand to help resolve the issue in a timely manner; otherwise, a minor problem might escalate to a full-on dispute that places everyone’s summer fun at risk.