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3 ways to avoid a collision at a Texas intersection

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Texas roadways, especially in major metropolitan areas like Houston or Dallas, often span several lanes across and are full of traffic at all hours of the day. Intersections can be busy and stressful sections of the roadway for motorists and pedestrians alike. Keeping several helpful tips in mind may help drivers avoid an accident.  

No matter how cautious and alert drivers are, they have no control over another motorist’s behavior. But it is often possible to improve intersection safety by practicing good habits. If a collision occurs, it is likely to have disastrous results as many such accidents include fatalities and catastrophic injuries.  

Stay behind the white line to avoid a collision 

At many Texas intersections, a white line just beyond a stop sign shows the first vehicle in line where to stop. Drivers who stop just over that line are placing themselves and everyone else approaching the intersection at risk of an accident. To improve safety, never let front tires extend beyond the white stop line 

Green means go, but don’t do it right away at an intersection 

When a traffic light turns green at an intersection, it is always best to pause a second or two and scan the surrounding area before proceeding. This momentary pause can save a life, especially if another driver blows through a red light in the cross path. Making it a habit to count to three before accelerating for a green light improves intersection safety. If a driver comes to an intersection with another car in front, it’s best to stop far enough so that the back tires of the front car are fully visible. It is not uncommon for a Texas intersection collision to occur because of driver negligence, in which case those who suffer injuries may seek restitution by filing a claim in civil court. Practicing good safety habits may help travelers avoid accidents.