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Month: October 2016

Safety tips for pedestrians on Halloween

For little ones, the annual night of trick-or –treating probably can’t come soon enough. Indeed, Halloween falls on a school night this year, but that won’t stop thousands of children across San Antonio and Bexar county from walking through neighborhoods to get...

Additional DUI patrols expected during Halloween

The Party City commercials should let you know what time of year it is. In just a couple weeks, Halloween will be here. While there is a particular emphasis on preparing kids for a memorable night of Trick-or-Treating with great costumes, it is no secret that young...

New texting advancements may not curb distracted driving

Even though we are more than a month into the latest school year, the focus on preventing accidents caused by distracted driving should not change. After all, going to football games and pep rallies are going to be commonplace among young drivers throughout the fall....