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Personal injury claim may be pursued by estate in fatal crash

Negligence principles in Texas and other states govern the rules of liability dealing with car accidents. When a driver is negligent and causes the death of a passenger, the estate of the decedent has a personal injury action for compensation against the operator. When the operator also dies in the accident and is the immediate family member of the deceased passenger, the passenger's estate can still collect damages.

Husband fights spouse's claims for more alimony and property

The case of the wealthy spouse who has built up a spectacularly lucrative business and the relatively unskilled spouse who stayed home to raise a family and provide a home life is one that can raise problematic issues in family law proceedings. Where there is a prenuptial agreement, it should significantly simplify and reduce the claims of the needier spouse. In a divorce case in Texas, the right of a spouse to obtain spousal maintenance, also called alimony, is relatively limited and does not generally extend beyond three years from the date of the divorce.

Victims of car accidents may turn to underinsurance coverage

When entering a highway on a feeder road in Texas, an operator must be very careful not to interfere with the free flow of traffic on the main highway. This scenario represents a dangerous potential for car accidents whenever the entering vehicle is not operated safely. A recent deadly accident occurred when the operator of a vehicle lost control on I-45N in Houston while on a feeder road. The SUV traveled over the grass and struck a car on the main highway, causing devastating results.

January marks the month when many people investigate divorce

January is a month of intensity for many persons in Texas and elsewhere. It is the time when people who have dissatisfying marriages try to decide whether to go forward with a divorce. Family law lawyers agree that there is a decided spike in consultations in January, which is followed by an increase in actual divorce filings by March.

Commercial truck accidents can be financially devastating

Texas sees a lot of national and international trucking traffic. Commercial trucks are a common sight on highways, freeways, and surface streets. Unfortunately, that means that accidents involving commercial trucks are also common. Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause horrific injury, death, and severe property damage. When one of the involved vehicles is an eighteen-wheeler or other large commercial truck, the risk of serious injuries increases. While deadly commercial truck accidents have been declining, commercial truck accidents resulting in serious injury may be on the rise.

Loss of control a main factor in distracted driving accidents

Texas is as challenged with the problem of distracted driving as any other state. Distracted driving accidents are becoming more prevalent than even impaired driving events. That may be what caused a pickup truck to cross the median of I-10 in Cibolo and crash into a bus coming in the other direction in a recent tragic accident.

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