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Month: April 2017

How to mitigate danger for kids crossing busy streets

We all know that crossing busy intersections can be treacherous for pedestrians. In certain parts of San Antonio, it seems like rush hour at all times of the day. The dangers that adults encounter are exponentially dangerous for children. There are a number of reasons...

Divorce, love, finances and kids

For some, the decision to marry is an easy one to make; for others, it is more difficult. The same holds true with the decision to divorce. For some Texas couples who have not been married for a long time or do not have extensive shared finances and other assets, it...

Police: Man who saved his fiancee gets felony charge

Sometimes a defendant may be arrested for what appears to be an outlandish reason. When that happens, the defendant may have a strong defense to assert, especially if the dispute is taken to a jury trial for determination. In a recent incident in Montgomery County,...