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Parents must not turn to violence in child custody matters

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Child Custody & Support |

A significant percentage of child custody and support cases make up the family law landscape in Texas. These cases can occasionally become problematic where the parents do not act responsibly to assure the best interests of the children. Some parents and other family members will take a hardened emotional stance against the other parent in a child custody dispute, thus exacerbating the trauma that the children may have to experience.

In some situations, a dispute may arise over child support. One or both parents may use the child custody card to compel compliance with support obligations. Sometimes, a dispute over the amount of child support will create the same unfortunate dynamics. Parents should understand that when they are willing to impact the happiness of their children by using vindictive strategies against the other parent, the courts will treat such situations harshly against the violating parent.

A parent could thus lose valuable rights by displaying an inability to act objectively for the best interest of the children. In one recent case in another state, a father came to the mother’s home to pick up the children. The parties got into an argument over undisclosed matters. Someone in the mother’s home overreacted and shot the father multiple times with buckshot.

Police took him to the hospital where he was treated. It is not readily apparent which parent precipitated the argument or what the equities of child custody and/or child support were between them. However, violence through the mother’s auspices may be counted heavily against her should the matter go to a Texas court on the father’s possible motion to modify the existing custody and visitation orders. Parents should keep in mind also that support issues are to be pursued through support court and are not to be used in a strategic game with the other parent.

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