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You can help your child thrive even during a divorce

A divorce throws your entire life into a twist. Imagine how your child feels if you, as an adult, are struggling to handle your divorce. Yes, the divorce is the end of a marriage between you and your spouse, but it's also seemingly and end to your child's idea of a family.

Women suffers serious injuries in car's fall from parking garage

It's one thing to see one's car fall from the seventh floor of a Texas parking garage onto the sidewalk below. It is a wholly different kind of emotional fright when the owner is in the car when it takes that deep plunge. It actually happened last month in Austin when a female operator fell seven floors to the ground below at the Littlefield Garage. Not surprisingly, she suffered life-threatening serious injuries.

Court may order expunction of felony or misdemeanor charges

Texas law allows for several instances in which criminal charges may be wiped and expunged from a person's record. Generally, felony or misdemeanor records can be excised where the charges did not result in conviction. The procedure to obtain relief involves the filing of a petition for expunction of criminal records. In some states, a petition for expungement is the preferred terminology.

Selena's brother sent to jail over child support arrearages

In Texas, the family law court has the power to put someone in jail for failing to pay child support. This is generally accomplished through the contempt powers of the court when a child support order is contemptuously ignored by the parent who owes back child support. Recently, a judge in Corpus Christi ordered the incarceration of A.B. Quintanilla, who is the brother of the deceased singing superstar, Selena.

Trucking negligence: 4-truck pileup on I-35, 1 trucker dead

Rear-end crashes involving a line of cars stopped at a traffic signal are somewhat common events in Texas and nationwide. A pileup of several 18-wheelers in a chain rear-end collision is unusual and rarely seen. It happened recently in Frio County, about five miles south of Pearsall,  on I-35 at about 5:45 p.m. It appears that trucking negligence was in some way or another responsible for the accident.

Court rejects wife's appeal of immigrant husband's divorce decree

There are several negative outcomes that can arise when an American citizen marries an immigrant to allow that person to become a citizen. In one Texas case, a woman admittedly married a man from another country to facilitate his ability to become a citizen. She later discovered that he had already been married to someone in his country for many years. The woman tried to file a divorce action but found that the man had already filed for a divorce with forged documents.

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