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Avoid back-to-school stress after Texas divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Divorce |

Many Texas families are gearing up for a new school year. Some children will be learning from home while others will be attending public or private schools. For parents who recently filed for divorce, a new school year poses numerous challenges regarding child custody and co-parenting plans.

It is not uncommon for lack of communication to be a factor in divorce. Many married couples get tired of fighting all the time and decide that they would rather go their separate ways than remain in unhappy relationships. However, communication is a key factor to avoiding co-parenting stress in a back-to-school season.

It is best if parents discuss the upcoming school year ahead of time. Many parents create a calendar, listing which parent will attend what event or who will drive kids to and from sports practices or other activities. The more parents put in writing, the less room for confusion or dispute. And the cooperation may foster a positive environment where the parents are able to jointly attend school functions for their kids.

Building a strong support network from the start also helps alleviate co-parenting stress during a new school year after divorce. While parents certainly do not have to share personal details of their divorce with others, informing teachers, coaches or other parents that changes have taken place may help children and parents alike adapt to a new lifestyle because they know there are people they can turn to if they need support. It is also wise to stay connected to an experienced family law attorney in case any legal issues arise.