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HGTV star entangled in a child custody battle

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Child Custody & Support |

Home renovation enthusiasts in Texas and beyond often watch Nicole Curtis on HGTV. Curtis is known for her trending do-it-yourself tips, such as mixing paints to create customized colors or how to give a kitchen a complete overhaul. Since Curtis became a mother, however, much of her time has been occupied in child custody litigation against her son’s father. The two were never married and have encountered serious challenges in their co-parenting relationship.  

Curtis claims her ex lied about his income 

One of the primary issues is child support. She says her ex earns approximately $20,000 per month. There is a massive discrepancy between this amount and the amount her ex-boyfriend apparently reported to the court, which was less than $4,000 per month.  

Child safety is another primary issue in the case 

The child’s father is a 54-year-old businessman. As the two parents have been in and out of court over various custody-related issues, her ex has refuted Curtis’s accusations that he has placed their son at risk. Curtis claims that he has taken the toddler outdoors in freezing temperatures without adequate clothing protection and has traveled with him in a car without the child having proper seat restraint. The father says Curtis has zero evidence to prove such claims.  

There is no need to go it alone in court 

Curtis has told the court that the father uses child custody litigation to cause her stress and publicly shame her. Her mother filed a petition for a protective order after her daughter admitted to resuming an intimate relationship with her ex when they had traveled together to another state with their son. The court denied the request. Curtis says she is upset that her ex is treating their son as a possession and is using the court to get revenge against her. Texas parents often encounter similarly complex custody issues, especially when their relationship is contentious. If a parent feels unable to resolve a specific issue alone, he or she may reach out for additional support by asking an experienced family law to present the case in court.