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Child custody tips for back-to-school time

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2021 | Child Custody & Support |

Many kids in Texas and throughout the country are gathering supplies to head back to school. For those whose parents filed for divorce over summer break, the school year ahead might be especially challenging regarding child custody issues. Parents can keep several helpful tips in mind to avoid stress and legal problems.  

Discuss all issues, even ones that seem minor on the surface 

Co-parents might think there is no need to talk about every school-related issue, such as homework or lunches. However, even these types of issues can spark contention or legal trouble after a divorce. For instance, which parent is going to fund the purchase of school lunches if kids are buying in the cafeteria? Also, will both parents sign teacher notes and check homework if they are sharing custody? 

How to handle field trips and special events 

In addition to lunches or homework assignments, children might feel stressed if their parents argue over which parent will attend which events. It is best to discuss such matters before the school year begins. Some parents may get along well enough that they agree to attend trips or plays or back-to-school nights at the same time. Others might fare better by creating a schedule to alternate turns.  

Children’s best interests are the primary concern 

When a Texas family court judge is ruling on child custody issues, his or her central focus is always the children’s best interests. If co-parents disagree about a specific issue, the court can make the decision on their behalf and will do so according to what it determines might be best for the children in question in a particular set of circumstances. If a legal problem arises during back-to-school season or throughout the year, a concerned parent may discuss that matter with an experienced family law attorney to determine a best course of action to resolve the problem.