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Court rejects wife's appeal of immigrant husband's divorce decree

There are several negative outcomes that can arise when an American citizen marries an immigrant to allow that person to become a citizen. In one Texas case, a woman admittedly married a man from another country to facilitate his ability to become a citizen. She later discovered that he had already been married to someone in his country for many years. The woman tried to file a divorce action but found that the man had already filed for a divorce with forged documents.

Settlement negotiations in divorce may stop other actions

Texas divorce negotiations may override the need or desire for a spouse to pursue pending domestic violence proceedings against the other spouse. This is precisely what appears to be happening in a divorce proceeding between a major league baseball star and his wife. The wife has declined an interview with major league baseball investigators due to the pendency of settlement negotiations involving both sides and their attorneys.

Divorce, love, finances and kids

For some, the decision to marry is an easy one to make; for others, it is more difficult. The same holds true with the decision to divorce. For some Texas couples who have not been married for a long time or do not have extensive shared finances and other assets, it may be an easy decision. However, when the couple has been married for an extended period of time, there are often children involved and the majority of assets and liabilities are shared. While this can make the process more cumbersome, it is still the best decision in many instances.

Husband fights spouse's claims for more alimony and property

The case of the wealthy spouse who has built up a spectacularly lucrative business and the relatively unskilled spouse who stayed home to raise a family and provide a home life is one that can raise problematic issues in family law proceedings. Where there is a prenuptial agreement, it should significantly simplify and reduce the claims of the needier spouse. In a divorce case in Texas, the right of a spouse to obtain spousal maintenance, also called alimony, is relatively limited and does not generally extend beyond three years from the date of the divorce.

January marks the month when many people investigate divorce

January is a month of intensity for many persons in Texas and elsewhere. It is the time when people who have dissatisfying marriages try to decide whether to go forward with a divorce. Family law lawyers agree that there is a decided spike in consultations in January, which is followed by an increase in actual divorce filings by March.

Grey divorce is common but may not be financially easy

Divorce for people over 50, and even for those over 65, has become commonplace. Many couples in Texas and in other states break up late in life because their children are grown and moved out; there is no longer a force pressuring the person to stay for the sake of the children. The other common divorce dynamic late in life is where one of the spouses finds someone else and bails out.

Celebrity divorce settlement stymied over semantics and egos

In Texas and elsewhere, celebrity divorces may be instructive to family law litigants by highlighting one or more universal issues often apparent in such matters. The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce settlement is worth looking at for a few general principles. The parties had negotiated a $6.8 million settlement in August, but that has bogged down over a continuing contentiousness that should have stopped when the agreement was signed.

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